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 今回のES9018 DAC基盤は、これまでのPCM1794の音とは、次元の違いを感じます。高域のザラツキ感がほとんど無く、アナログに近い滑らかな音の



I have assembled your audio kit at one day since I got a free time yesterday (Sunday).
The Chassis appearance design is based on Professor Kaneta’s idea.
Please see above two pictures how it looks like.

It is so good to listen to the ES9018 DAC Circuitboard sounds.
I feel the sound is on a completely different level with PCM1794 digital circuitboard
, which I had listened with before. The sound has almost no high-frequency noises.
And it is more close to the analog sound, which has smooth clear sound contour with good expressive power.
It enables me to realize how just even one piano note changes the sound during the course of its life.
The sound is obviously the sound with high resolution.

Compare to the PCM1794(digital circuitboard), ES9018 DAC circuitboard requires me to put a lot of parts in a limited space,
but the board has a clear printed indication at one side on how to put each part correctly.
So, I just followed the instruction sheets carefully and could finish its assembling without a problem.
However, I would like to note that the soldering of dual transistors needs to be done with due care
because the terminal interval is so narrow and it may cause short-circuit.
To prevent it, it is highly recommended to check it closely
by using a loupe, tester etc.,. For the wiring, its color-coded wiring diagram helped me a lot.
I just followed it to wire and finished without troubles.

No trial and error were needed for the making, just one time is good enough to
hear wonderful sound!!

Thank you



DAC-MP1中心のメインシステムは、スピーカーがExclusiveの2252、Sub WooferはヤマハのYST-SW1500です。スーパートゥイターは、パイオニア PT-R9です。Exclusive2252はBi-Amp駆動で、低音は金田式N0.167を、高音用はお気楽オーディオアンプキット資料館、Fujiwaraさんの高精度アンプを使用しました。先週までの試聴で、プリアンプは使わずにDAC-MP1の出力を直接パワーアンプに入れた方が遙かによい音だったので、プリアンプは使用しておりません。

実は、リビングで通常使用しているのはAVアンプ(パイオニア LX-85)システムで、オペラやバレエ、映画を見るときは通常はこれとプロジェクターを組み合わせて使用しております。この場合もスピーカーはBi-Amp駆動しておりますので、DAC-MP1の導入に当たっては、これらのアンプ4台を切り替える必要が生じ、この切り替え機を作るのに1日かかってしまいました。



Last week, I assembled The DAC-MP1 kit and I had listened to the sound sporadically
with my nearfield system in my workroom (the speaker is ELAC 301).
But yesterday, I made a switch box to switch my living room’s main audio amplifier/speaker system
and AV system. Taking this opportunity, I moved DAC-MP1 to my living room and started
listening to the sound seriously.

My new main audio system with DAC-MP1 as a center is as follows:

Speaker       – Exclusive 2252
Sub Woofer    – Yamaha YST-SW1500
Super Tweeter – Pioneer PT-R9

The Exclusive 2252 is driven by Bi-Amp. For the bass sound, I applied Kaneta type No.167.
For the treble sound, I applied Mr. Fujiwara’s Precision Amplifier from “Easy Audio Kit Library”.
I tried some combination with the DAC-MP1 last week. And I found the sound is far more better
when I connect DAC-MP1 output to the power amplifier directly, without preamplifier.
So, preamplifier is not applied in my system.

Actually, I use 4 amplifiers in my living room. For the normal use,
I select AV amplifier (Pioneer LX-85) system which speaker is also driven by Bi-Amp.
And when I watch Opera, Ballet and movies, I add a projector to the AV system.
Then, I had to make the switch box to switch 4 amplifiers (2 for Audio system, 2 for AV).
And it took one whole day to finish it.

After I wired all of the systems, I could not wait to listen to the sound.
And the sound was truly “astounding”.
I have assembled so many amplifiers and learned the sound difference of each amplifier.
But I have never experienced such a big difference I had experienced this time.

This time, by connecting coaxial digital audio interface from OPPO BDP-95 to DAC-MP1,
I started to listen to the new system sound with my familiar CD.
And it was like a bunch of new sounds surge into my ears.
The new unfamiliar sounds, which I could not realize when I listen to the CD
with my sub-audio system small speaker, became now audible.

At the first moment, I realized the wonderful spread of the bass/treble sound range, energetic sound and sound density.
Then, I noted that the whole sounds has a good density and has a lot of musical information I could not catch before.

Because the time was weekend, my daughter happened to stay there by chance.
And she said to me ” Sounds like new members join into the Orchestra”.
She is completely right, the sound pervaded in front of me with depth and
I could not believe the CD is the same CD I have listened many times.
I adjusted Super Tweeter’s level until about half level because the high-frequency has strongness and clarity.
And it made the sound more better/appropriate one.

Today, I could take a day off fortunately so, as I continue from yesterday,
I have tried various music with my new system such as high-resolution music from Kripton,
jazz live music I could get as a bonus of Net Audio Magazine Vol.7 and many more.

Before changing audio system, the jazz live did not sound so good,
but when I re-tried it with the new audio system with DAC-MP1,
my impression was totally different. It sounds like jazz musicians are playing live music right in front of me.
The DAC-MP1 has changed sounds to the extremely high density one.
I trust more the quality of the music data source is high, more the new audio system with DAC-MP1
can use its potential fully. And I feel the DAC-MP1’s sound density and quality is truly something noteworthy.

Since I am so happy with my new audio system, I wrote maybe too much here.
But, I feel it is impossible to express all of the good points of the DAC-MP1 by words.
DAC-MP1 plays just “right sounds”. I think myself as a lucky man who could
meet DAC-MP1 kit and have a chance to experience the sound.
So far, I use it with voltage input power amplifier. But now I start to look forward to changing it to
current input power amplifier very much.